April 1, 2023

Ukrainian companies: Obolon, Dubnomoloko (™ KOMO) and Sovarog (™ Happy Flakes) have successfully signed contracts with a Danish importer to supply their products to Denmark. Given the long-term fruitful cooperation between the State Institution “Office for Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion” and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark, the Office has become a key partner in establishing business partnerships between Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Ukrainian products can already be found on the shelves of SuperBrugsen, Kvickly, Dagli’Brugsen, Irma and Coop365discount supermarkets owned by COOP. Ukrainian products are presented in Danish supermarkets as part of the Good Deed Tasty project, which marked the beginning of a long-term cooperation between Coop and Ukrainian food producers.

«Danish importers very carefully choose companies for potential cooperation. In most cases, if you sign a contract with a Scandinavian retailer, it means long term cooperation for years. We think that one of the most important criteria in choosing a partner among Ukrainian companies was their production capacity and ability to supply required product volumes to the market in agreed terms. Coop owns 1000+ supermarkets around the country. That is why it is important that customers have access to products from Ukraine announced by the retailer.»

Pavlo Skvorchynskiy, Executive Director, «Sovarog»LLC (™ «Happy Flakes»)

«Due to the intense competition on the domestic market in Scandinavian countries, foreign companies are constantly thinking how to conquer the customer. It is almost impossible for a company on its own to negotiate directly with Danish retailers. What is more, negotiation process with a potential supplier usually takes around 6 months. Full scale war became a certain push to accelerate negotiations from the Coop retailer side. Obolon company in two months from the beginning of negotiations sent its first production batch to one of the biggest retail chains in Denmark.»


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